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Great News!!!

Get your RQT Tool now and be ready for the summer!  Don’t wait until the last minute and have to be digging the old way.  Call us now and we will ship you your own personal RQT-Tool Get the job done right!


(Price $129.39 Plus tax in TX +shipping & Handling)


We are a small business located in Amarillo, Texas that makes quality tools. I have always been told “work smart not hard” one day I took it upon myself to invent a tool that would take less work and more production. We all have been there. We are doing a job that consumes so much time and we tell ourselves there has got to be a faster way. After several prototypes I came up with the idea of the  RQT Universal Tool and also the RQT Residential Tool.

The Universal Tool is basically for landscapers and contractors simply because they deal with all types of sizes of sprinkler heads. (or if you have more than one type; of sprinkler heads in your lawn)

The Residential Tool  is for home owners who have only one type of sprinkler heads in their lawn.

With these tools it will only take you 2 1/2 -3 minutes to change a sprinkler heads with no shovel needed.  Are you having to raise sprinkler heads up and don’t want to spend all day or spend to much money on landscaping?  Then this is the tool you need!  This tool will cut down your work time in half and without damaging your grass.  Say for example: You have St. Augustine grass,  you can’t just dig around this grass like most contractors or landscapers do.  This will damage the grass.  Can you imagine for instance, Lets say you have 20-30 sprinkler heads at your home or business that need to be raised.  Can you imagine whatt your landscape is going to look like after you have dug around every sprinkler head?  Think of all the money that you will be saving by using the RQT-tool.  Your lawn will still look beautiful without all the unsightly shovel marks.

I use only materials made in the U.S.A and is assembled in Texas. Our tools are manufactured by Cam Waterjet in Amarillo, Texas. We are patent pending and were represented by Attorney Shannon Warren, Houston, Texas.

We take great pride in bringing you a quality product. Because we know you got to have the right tool for the job.

Remember “Leave the Shovel in the Shed”